WLSE is a non commercial radio station and therefore can only remain on the air either by donations or by selling paid on-air time to non commercial organizations such as churhes, schools, and other  independent non commercial ministries. 

Individual Donations:

Individual donations are tax deductible.  If you are interested in on-air recognition of an approved special event or organization for that donation, you would need to list the details when you contact us by email to donate at

Non Commercial Paid On-Air Time or Donations:

We are allowed to sell on-air time to an approved non commercial organization such as a church, school, or other independent ministry.  You would need to contact us by email at and we would be happy to come visit you personally at your convenience. 

Commercial Business Donations:

Commercial Business donations are tax deductible.  If you are interested in on-air recognition of your business for that donation, you would need to list the details when you contact us by email to donate at  We would be happy to come visit you personally at your convenience.

Reasons to Donate:

Christian FM is a leader in the broadcast community across Central Illinois. 24 hours a day and 7 days a week we deliver across the airwaves encouragement through family friendly, positive and encouraging talk and music, with compelling and relevant content from on – air personalities. Marketing with Christian FM is a WIN-WIN because you get the exposure, and we get the financial support to change lives through relevant life advice and Contemporary Christian Music to all groups of people who are open to listen.

These family friendly people are:

·  15% more likely to be college educated then the national average.

·   11% more likely to have household incomes over $60,000 per year.

·   13% more likely to be professional or managers, and, therefore, tend to   be families in their child rearing years. 

·    Spending on average much more on groceries, hardware, autos, and clothing than the average consumer.

·    Members of the generation making the majority of the health-care and related decisions for their aging parents.

·    65% women between 25-54 years old, which is the highest of any radio format.

Christian radio works, because people, regardless of their faith, want to do business with ethical and honest businesses that will treat them right and with respect.

A few more thoughts to consider…


When you become a Business Sponsor you immediately gain credibility with our listeners and really do become part of the Christian FM family.  In fact, 71.8% of Christian radio listeners prefer to buy from a business that advertises on Christian radio; our listeners will go out of their way to do business with you, just because you are an Underwriter with Christian FM.


Radio reaches people on the go.  95% of cars on the road have their radios on.  85% of the people who shop for groceries are listening to the radio. 57% of all people who work are listening to the radio. Radio reaches 83% of all adults on any given weekday, and 88% of Americans at home each week.  There are twice as many radios as people. 99% of all households have radios. The average household has 5.5 radios.


Your growth and frankly your survival is dependent on reaching new markets and new prospects. There are a limited number of consumers who are in the market to buy your products and services at any given time and a seemingly unlimited number of competitors who are also trying to attract them. The advertising media you select must be able to effectively reach and positively influence those who are most likely to buy your products and services. Can we say…Christian FM!


Most radio listeners tune in to the radio during daytime hours from breakfast time until dinner time, either in the home or in the car. Radio is the most likely medium to be heard by shoppers before purchases are made which allows businesses hear on air to have the last word. Christian radio regularly ranks in the top of all broadcast mediums for “Time Spent Listening”, which means your business is heard more often.


In today’s economic world, target marketing is vitally important including identifying the best prospects for your products and services and focusing your business communication toward those primary targets is the most important key to success. Christian FM allows you to focus on targeting on loyal, faith-based listeners who have spendable income.


To be successful, your communication plan must not only be targeted toward the right prospects, it must also deliver your message enough times during the course of the purchase cycle to make a favorable impact on the consumer. In other words, to be successful, communication must be repetitive. By repetition of message, you achieve more top-of-mind awareness and Christian FM provides a cost effective way to get the word out…over and over.


Statistical data provided by Simmons Market Research.